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Our electric boat rental rates

Verdon Electronautic offers you to visit Verdon Gorges with its electric boats accommodating 2 to 8 person. Discover our rates in detail.

Our rates

What you can see and do… the different packages

Discovery package
Duration: 3 hours, distance : 18km round trip
Permits you to visit all the Gorges until Esparron without break and see the various caves.

Ste Maxime Cave (1h round trip)
You will see the smoke’s mark on the front of the cave witnessing its previous use as a prehistoric hearth.

Murée Cave (1h30 round trip)
According to the legend, it was occupied in the XVIIIth century by Gaspard de Besse. It was exploited by colliers whom produced coal on the Séouvre plateau.

Bats Cave (2h round trip)
Closed by a grating protecting various bat species

Incas Hut (2h15 round trip)
Former lockkeepers shelter, it has been decorated with a fresco representing an Incas by an anonymous. It contains numerous messages from passing visitors.

Bear Cave (2h30 round trip)
Numerous discoveries have been made here by archeologists. Besides its prehistorical past, it was used as a weapon’s hideout during the last war.

Esparron’s lake and village (3h round trip)
Typical Provence village with its castle still occupied by the Count de Castellane.
Relaxing package
Duration: 5h, distance : 18km round trip

Allows you to visit every Gorges described above until Esparron’s lake. You will have a two hours break for picnic and swimming (water temperature: 26°C during summer)

Ideal place for picnic: The district point (9) (3h round trip
Day package
Duration: 8h, distance: 18 to 22 km round trip
(under navigation conditions)

Allows you to visit every Gorges until Esparron’s lake, to parade around the lake et enjoy an entire day of swimming and eventually a meal at Esparron’s restaurant, in St Julien’s beach.

We can book a restaurant for you (menus available on site). Docking and recharge possible at Esparron on our private pontoon locations or on our friend Alizé Electronic’s pontoon in St Julien’s beach.
Accompanied promenade
Duration: 2h, distance: 12km round trip

Promenade accompanied by a pilot/guide, commentaries and local products tasting on board allowing you to discover the picturesque side of the Gorges.

Departure 10 am, arriving 12pm – bookings 48h before the day and only during the low season.

Promenades rates for 2015/2017

Low season
From April 1st to June 15th and from September 16th to November 4th
Every day from 10 am to 6pm.
Duration 2/4 places
2 adults max + 2 childrens (-12)
4/6 places
4 adults max + 2 childrens (-12)
6/8 places
6 adults max + 2 childrens (-12)
1h00 20€ 30€ 40€
1h15 25€ 35€ 45€
1h30 30€ 40€ 50€
1h45 35€ 45€ 55€
2h00 40€ 50€ 60€
2h15 44€ 54€ 64€
2h30 48€ 58€ 68€
52€ 62€ 72€
3h00 - Discovery package Departure after 10am 56€ 66€ 76€
3h00 - Discovery package Departure at 10am and return at 1pm 50€ 60€ 70€
5h00 - Relaxing package Departure after 10am 76€ 86€ 96€
5h00 - Relaxing package Departure at 10am and return at 3pm 70€ 80€ 90€
Additional 1/2 hour +10€ +10€ +10€
Accompanied promenade: duration 2h, with pilot/guide, commentaries and tasting. 20€ per person, reservation only, 48h before departure.
High season
From June 16th to September 15th
Every day from 9am to 7pm
Duration 2/4 places
2 adults max + 2 childrens (-12)
4/6 places
4 adults max+ 2 childrens (-12)
6/8 places
6 adults max+ 2 childrens (-12)
1h00 25€ 35€ 45€
1h15 30€ 40€ 50€
1h30 35€ 45€ 55€
1h45 40€ 50€ 60€
2h00 45€ 55€ 65€
2h15 49€ 59€ 69€
2h30 53€ 63€ 73€
2h45 57€ 67€ 77€
3h00 - Discovery package Departure after 9am  61€ 71€ 81€
3h00 - Discovery package Departure at 9am – Return at 12am 55€ 65€ 75€
5h00 - Relaxing package Departure after 9am 81€ 91€ 101€
5h00 - Relaxing package Departure at 9am – Return at 2pm 75€ 85€ 95€
Additional 1/2hour +10€ +10€ +10€
8h00 - Day package Departure at 10am – Return at 6pm 130€ 140€ 150€

In terms of regulation and insurance, even an infant account for a place. Are considered as children kids under the age of 12.

Payment upon arrival depending on the duration (counting by quarter of hour) and potential damages.


For more detail, contact our boat rental base.


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