Online booking :
Information : 04 92 74 08 37
600 Allée des Prés du Verdon - 04500 Quinson

Practical information on our license free boat rentals

Do you have any question on our license free boat rentals? Refer to our frequently asked questions list, you will find your answers here.

Practical information

  • Can we book ? Yes, you can book directly on the website, its highly recommended in high season and the week end in low season
  • Prices are advertised per boat and not per person.
  • Are dogs allowed? Yes
  • Do we have to pay a deposit? No just an ID card.
  • If we spend more time on the boat than planned, how does it work for the payment? Payment is made once you are back from your ride, depending on the time you spent and on the boat state (be careful with the propellers, motors shocks, oars lost …).
  • Can you pay by credit card or holiday vouchers ? Of course, however, we don’t accept bank checks anymore.
  • Can someone with a wheelchair enjoy a ride ? Yes, until the boat, then we can help you to come oboard.

How does the rental operate

  • Are children considered as adults as passengers? Only children above 12 are considered as adults.

Possible rides

  • How much time do we need to forecast in order to visit Verdon low Gorges? 3 hours return from Quinson.
  • How much time do we need to forecast in order to go around the lake? There are 9km in Verdon Gorges to add to the walk around Esparron’s lake, it is advice to book the day package (see rates)
  • Can we accost or stop with a boat on the banks? It's forbidden in the Canyon but it's allowed on the Esparron Lake. Few spots are better than others like the pointe du Quartier (9).
  • What is water temperature ? 12°C when you leave Quinson because of the proximity of the dam. On Esparron’s lake water can be around 26°C. Note that it’s forbidden to swim in Quinson and jump from rocks.
  • Are there any forbidden sailing zones on the lake? No, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Where are the best picnic spots? the pointe du Quartier (8) or St Julien Beach (9).
  • Can we eat on the lake? Yes at Esparron, Saint Julien or Quinson.
  • Are there any beaches with progressive descent in water?  the pointe du Quartier in Esparron (8) or St Julien Beach (9).

The boats

  • Do we need a boat license? No.
  • Do boats have rooftops? Yes sail cover.
  • Is it easy to sail the boats? Can anyone do it? The boats steering is possible after a quick training (10minutes) administered before the boat departure (available in French and English)
  • Can we keep our stroller on the boat ? Yes depending on the boat’s size.
  • Can the sail cover protect us is there is bad weather? No, however we won’t let you embark if the weather forecast is bad.
  • Can we go for a swim from the boats? Yes, but it’s easier from the banks. You have to take into account the water temperature (canyon or lake).
  • Once in the water, can we go back on board? Yes, every boat is equipped with a swimming ladder.
  • Are boats equipped with storage boxes? Some of them are.
  • Is there a lake map on the boats? Yes.


  • Can a child steer a boat? No, you need to be at least 18 to steer a boat.
  • If we come with kids, are there any precautions we must take? Just a little of common sense, we trust you so trust us.
  • Are boats equipped with life jackets? Safety equipment? Yes, life jackets of course, children are equipped by us (it’s mandatory), oars, boat hook, scoops, ropes.
  • Are there any like jackets suitable for children? Yes of course.
  • Is there water on the boats? No.
  • When on the water, can we contact you? Yes with your cell phone, we will give you a safety number.


  • Can we fish from the boats? What type of fish can we catch? Yes you can as long as you have a fishing license, and don’t troll: pike, trout, perch mainly..
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